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On The Volley Apparel

OTVA’s goal to spread the knowledge and culture of football/soccer to everyone willing to listen. They feel that there are an endless amount of elements that compose this beautiful game that should all be recognized. From the Sunday full field leagues, to the weekday indoor leagues, we are all part of football culture. It is not about how good your league is, or about how many people come watch your team play, but about how much you love the game. It’s about the bond created with your team, and the entire football community.

Play anywhere, play often, and play with passion.

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Founded by a D1 soccer player; the Sidekik was created with the player, fan, and family in mind. The Sidekik makes soccer easier and more accessible to everyone. We set out to give every fan the player’s experience with our soccer juggling innovation.

At Sidekik, they believe their unique product provides a new way for soccer fans to enjoy the game, engage, and identify with their favorite teams. Bring your soccer Sidekik to the games and gather with your friends for an exciting new experience!

Sidekik is aiming to change the landscape of American Soccer culture forever!

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Footy Collective

In 2003, 3 friends playing club soccer in Southern California shared a love for the game that extended outside the pitch and beyond 90 minutes. As time passed, their passion for the sport never faltered. Soccer is as much a part of their lives now as it was then.

Footy Collective brings together people of all walks of life and unify them under one crest. It was this philosophy that led to the formation of Footy Collective. The aim is to create something that caters to players who don the shirt of their team week in and week out, supporters who live and die by the crest, and casual fans that simply appreciate the game. Footy Collective is a movement meant to unite, inspire, and grow footy culture stateside and worldwide.

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