Kadeem Dacres: Trust the Process

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Enjoyed having a fellow Jamerican (Jamaican/American) Kadeem Dacres on the show! Kadeem and I met at a U-18 USMNT team camp, but this is the first time that I’ve had an opportunity to hear his journey. We spoke about:


  • Growing up in Rosedale, NY
  • Basketball being his first sport, and love before he realized that he’d be too short to pursue it professionally.
  • His parents teaching him the value of hardwork, patience, and persistence
  • The person that taught him how to play soccer (Michael Duncan) is related to the great George Weah. Grew up around both of his sons are doing well in the football world.
  • Being a part of a good club team and the US YNT set up at an early age and how that has positively affected his career.
  • Big wake up call while attending and playing for a junior college.
  • Getting drafted by the Chicago Fire, the lesson he learned from that experience and how he continues to apply it to his life.
  • The impact that a good coach could have on your game
  • His top tip for becoming a professional soccer player


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