Introducing Our Newest Sponsor Footy Collective

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Introducing our newest sponsors, Footy Collective! I brought the founders on the show to share the story, how Footy Collective came about and their mission statement!

In 2003, 3 friends playing club soccer in Southern California shared a love for the game that extended outside the pitch and beyond 90 minutes. As time passed, their passion for the sport never faltered. Soccer is as much a part of their lives now as it was then.

Footy Collective brings together people of all walks of life and unify them under one crest. It was this philosophy that led to the formation of Footy Collective. The aim is to create something that caters to players who don the shirt of their team week in and week out, supporters who live and die by the crest, and casual fans that simply appreciate the game. Footy Collective is a movement meant to unite, inspire, and grow footy culture stateside and worldwide.

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