Beverly Yanez- Leading with your Heart

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I had the pleasure of making a new friend in Beverly. I was reminded of some values that I grew up with and learned a few things that I’d like to implement into my life.

Here’s some of what we spoke about:

  • Being a good person above everything else
  • Falling in love with the game from the first moment she stepped on the field
  • Why she enjoys being on teams where she’s surrounded by players that are better than her.
  • Taking a chance on herself and how following her heart has always lead her in the right direction.
  • Leaving a full scholarship at Sacramento State University to be a part of the soccer program at the University of Miami where she was only given a 5% scholarship. (28th minute)
  • Her father voicing his concern about her decision making.
  • Finding out via Twitter that she was drafted.
  • Finding a new club once the WPSL dissolved.
  • Stepping out of her comfort zone and signing with  INAC Kobe Leonessa in Japan who she describes as the women’s version of Barcelona.
  • Getting married to her childhood love who she met in middle school who also happens to be a former professional player (Columbus Crew) and the perks of that.
  • The importance of having a strong inner circle.  How their love, support and encouragement has played a role in her pursing her dreams.
  • Switching positions midway through her career and why she believes it’s important to be open to that.
  • Becoming a true student of the game and how it’s transformed her career
  • Being a great teammate and helping the next generation as much as possible


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