Better to Train Alone or With a Group

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Is it better to train alone or with a group?

It depends.

Between the ages of 13-16, my uncle/trainer Hugh and I spent a lot of time breaking down and refining my game, which was exactly what I needed because I wasn’t getting that extra attention with my club soccer team. We saw a huge improvement in such a short period of time that we decided to double down on what was working.

We set a goal of becoming a professional soccer player by the age of 17, so I left my club team, stepped away from traditional High School and enrolled into independent studies in order to spend more time honing my craft. I began traveling the world to experience the soccer culture outside of the US, and within 2 years, I began training with the LA Galaxy.

I’m certain that I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now if I didn’t do the unconventional things. I’m a big fan of spending time on your own to hone your craft, but there are some downsides to that. The same could be said about training with a group. In this episode, I elaborate on each of these examples listed below:

Training Alone


  • More time and repetitions
  • No distractions
  • Builds discipline and character


  • Limited amount of drills that you could do
  • Lonely
  • Lack of Feedback


Training with a Group


  • More Complex Drills
  • Feedback from training partners
  • accountability


  • Dealing with flaky training partners
  • Less reputations


There are going to be times when it’s beneficial to do both. There is no one size fits all. I will however say this, if you decide to train with a group, remember that your development as a player should be placed above everything else. If you’re dealing with flaky people, give them a waring the first time. If the problem persists, remove them from your group entirely.


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